#8 How To Travel Cheap in Macau

Here’s how you can spend less than $50 (or S$60) in three days in Macau, China.
Well, provided you don’t hit the jackpots.

Conversion rate: SGD 1 to MOP 5.7

First off, it is handy to note that Hong Kong dollars (HKD) can be used interchangeably with Macau patacas (MOP), which is really cool because most people visit these two cities together due to their proximity. However, one little glitch is that, Macau vendors/shops DO NOT accept the HKD 10 coin due to fears of counterfeit coins.

I’m going to show you how you can enjoy the city on a shoestring budget (well, almost) and some nifty tips on accommodation and public transport in Macau!

Day One

Mount Fortress (Fortaleza do Monte) – Free
Museu de Macau – MOP 30 (Ticket admission)
Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Largo do Senado, Leal Senado, St. Dominic’s Square – Free
Pearl Milk Tea + Egg Tart from Koi Kei Confectionery – MOP 17
Leal Senado Building – Free
Camoes Garden, St. Anthony’s Church, Old Protestant Cemetery – Free
Dinner at Restaurante Birmanes Aromatico – MOP 34
Total: MOP 81

Day Two

Seac Pai Van Park, Goddess of A-Ma Statue, A-Ma Cultural Village – Free
Coloane Village – Free
Lord Stow’s Bakery – MOP 40

Total: MOP 40

Day Three

Guia Hill and Guia Lighthouse – Free
Guia Hill Cable Car (one way) – MOP 4
A-Ma Temple – Free
Pork Chop Bun – MOP 12

Total: MOP 46
Transport for 3 days: MOP 60

That gives you a grand total of MOP 237, which is around SGD 42 for two people!


Hotel Royal – 5-star deluxe room
Very comfortable, well-equipped with quality facilities and toiletries.
1. Location was not too bad, but quite a long walk (20 minutes) to Largo de Senado with excellent navigation skills
2. Taxi ride from the central part of city (i.e near Grand Lisboa) back is around MOP 18-25


Public buses                                       MOP 3.20 – 5.60
Various bus services bring you around the island and beyond to Taipa and Coloane.

1. Rather challenging to take the bus as not all the stops are marked on the signs at the bus stops.
2. Some buses are not equipped with a bell so alighting passengers need to know when to stop and yell at the driver to stop in Cantonese, no less.
3. Best bus to use is service number 18, as its route is specially designed to cater to all the popular tourist destinations.
4. Number 25, 25X and 26 go to Coloane Island.
5. It is okay to use HKD coins on the buses as well.
6. Extra tip: Count out the change in advance before boarding (you will know how much to pay by looking at the board at the bus stop) because once you board you can sit down peacefully — the bus can jerk and stop rather violently and you can avoid unnecessary injury/embarrassment.
Hotel shuttle bus                               FREE
Goes to The Venetian, City of Dreams and Macau Tower at certain times of the day only. Enquire at the concierge.
Do take advantage of free shuttle buses from other hotels and casinos as well. :-)

Taxi – Flag-off fare                             MOP 13
Quite affordable, and a necessity, especially when you want to avoid getting lost in the sometimes confusing and narrow streets of Macau.

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