#19 Revamping The Way I Travel

My eight travel-related new year resolutions for the year 2012… with a dash of poignant self-revelations, guilt-ridden self deprecation and the simply straight-up honest stuff. :)

And then, there is more. I mean, how can I just leave it at three? Long winded and over ambitious, as I am, of course there would be more coming. You expected that, didn’t you?

4. Learn to compromise and let go when travelling with a partner.

Sometimes I fail to realise that my travelling buddy/partner is also on the same trip as a whole person, and not simply a travel accessory or an appendage. I know that sounds really bad but I (and I’m sure some of you do too) get preoccupied by all these soul-destroying lists (“I need to check the Giza Pyramids off my list!!”) that I sometimes forget that he or she may have their own lists of things to do (or maybe they just want to chill and relax).

5. Be MORE adventurous, food-wise.

I *need* my rice. I always go back to my comfort zone — Chinese food with all the reassuring fluffy white rice and dishes with a soup on the side — when the going gets tough and I’m sick and tired of fighting with the unknown. This happens especially on the first few days of a trip to a completely new place. I should forget about familiar food when travelling and just accept that to be a real warrior-traveller I need to jump straight into the deep end of the eating pool.

6. Write more postcards.

I always leave the postcard-writing task till the end, and only when I am sitting at the airport terminal waiting to board my flight that I realise I forgot to buy and send some postcards before it’s too late. Bad, bad, bad. But this is why I need to write resolutions, no?

7. Use audio guides in museums!

I started working on this resolution recently but I need to step on it. Sometimes I *still* forget. Since I am going to spend a couple of hours indoors, cooped up in an overrated overwhelmingly crowded museum full of masterpieces, I might as well drop a few dollars to get the audio guide and educate myself thoroughly. (And my pet peeve is people who float aimlessly from one artwork to the next and snapping pictures of them without pausing to appreciate! Own up if you are guilty!)

8. Get fit!

Okay, so this is not entirely travel related but…actually it is. I need to get fit in order to jam in some adventurous and sporty type of activities into my itineraries in the future. I would consciously avoid biking in the countryside or try rock climbing because I know I will be aching for the next few days and I’d hate to feel uncomfortable on a trip. But that’s such a big wander bug NO-NO to avoid what I would otherwise really enjoy. And ironically, I really love hiking! So, I need to get my buggy arse up and get fit!

So here are the eight resolutions at the top of my head (will add them to the mental list when I come up with, naturally) and time to get cracking with ’em! ♥


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