#21 The Bucket (List) Runneth Over, Not

Why does a great list of endorphin and adrenaline-generating activities have such an ominous name is beyond me.

Everyone has some form of this bucket list thing in their lives, be it stored in their mental notes or scribbled down on their trusty journal, or publicised on their blog. Even though some may be quite eclectic things they want to do and therefore may choose to keep ’em private, like, say doing the chicken dance on a nudist beach (sans clothing, of course), I think it’s a good idea to share the list of things that you want to do in your life with people around you. You never know when you will need someone to join you, help you find out a way to get there easier and faster or simply someone to share your joy and ambitions!

Of course, there are a couple of “universal” bucket list items that I will nonetheless include – no point acting all I’m-a-traveller-so-I-shun-all-touristy-stuff, when secretly (and now openly) I want to see the Grand Canyon and hike the Inca Trail.

Some people like to ‘prioritise’ the items on their lists. I was considering doing that, but I don’t really have a queue for the things I want to do. Ideally, of course I would love to try something like skydiving when I’m young-ish. Yet, I also relish the idea of letting the urge to do a particular thing come to me. Like a food craving, except even more powerful. And if I suddenly don’t feel like it’s particularly appealing anymore, I let it go. I shall control the list, instead of letting the list control me.

And frankly I think the bucket is threatening to overflow… even as we speak. We can never have enough items in the bucket. It seems to be a bottomless pit of ambition and wild adventure.

Fear not, for as long as you (and I) are determined, we will overcome the ominous bucket as we go along. ♥

p.s. Pop over to my list for ideas/inspiration, or if you just wanna compare notes.


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