#24 It’s International Love

Postcards from Vaduz

Postcards from Vaduz… can’t get any better than the amazingly never-ending selection of Liechtenstein stamps.

Over the past half decade, my social network has literally thrown a net wide and arched itself across the globe, very much like THE Social Network itself. In this globalised world, it’s not difficult at all to easily meet people from here, there and everywhere in one evening, especially in places like the ubiquitous Irish Bar where everyone speaking English in varying degrees of proficiency congregate regardless of where they come from.

We made friends and acquaintances from all over the world when we were in university, either in the classroom or on study abroad.

Our friends from childhood days move away to another continent, for studies, for work, for love.

We become close with our mates from an online game like World of Warcraft, decide to meet when he/she or you travel to a common meeting point, and then part ways again after coffee to return to our lives.

Then there are things like Couchsurfing and Carpooling and Craiglist (why do they all start with the magical letter C?), where you holler on a forum page for people with similar interests or who just want to meet people and hang out. More often than not, you find yourself liking a new acquaintance, exchange numbers, and set up a ritual or regular meet-up…

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