#25 It Takes Motivation To Travel, Too

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. So says the man who came up with the ever-befuddling equation e=mc2.

I must say, I really suck at riding a bicycle. The scars and the dull throbbing pain in odd spots of my body can attest to that. Hopefully, life is not like riding a bicycle for me. And luckily for me, you don’t have to take these kind of quotes literally.

You must have seen one of these, if you’ve been crawling about cyberspace lately. This is the one of the latest posting fads — someone takes an inspirational quote by someone well-known, fancy it up with Photoshop or some image editing program, and post it on instagram/tumblr/pinterest — something that, upon reading, is at worst repetitive, and at best makes you want to go out there and do something.

I’m usually not a fan of such fads, considering I take pride in my alternative/indie-esque character. But somehow, I think we might have a winner here, something addictive and yet could be good for everyone.

I like how the combination of social media platforms and a little Photoshop magic managed to breathe new life into overused and clichéd quotes  (think: Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today…), turning them into renewed sparks of inspiration that stir the deep-seated yet hidden ambitions inside me.

These quotes are often relegated to become the cant of pseudo-overachievers, people who quote quotes, flaunt them airily and attempt to sound all self-important and intellectual. That’s when I thought, if I am going to be spending copious amounts of time reading them, I might as well enjoy it, and on top of that, spin it into something useful… How about… actually doing something about it, channeling the positivity of it into at least one aspect in my life?

Travelling may be my one true love in my life, but even the high I get from exploring new places, as with most things, can get dull and hit a plateau sometimes. And looking at famous quotes with new eyes, through the lens of someone who has been moving around quite a lot in the past months and being far away from home, I find them speaking to me directly.

I know enough about trying to keep a balance on a bicycle. It is not easy business, just like it’s hard to catch that delicate one in life. And move, I shall, after all, when it is only when you move, you find yourself again, and again. I like to think that I discover and rediscover parts of myself as I go from one place to another, and a lot of reflecting and thinking is done when I sit on a long train ride, staring out of the window at the lovely countryside trundling by.

Now excuse me while I run off and plan my next day trip. Gotta keep moving! ❤