#32 Reclining Plane Seats Are A Basic Flying Passenger’s Right

I fly a few times a year, and for someone who doesn’t fly for business-related purposes, I represent most leisure travellers with a limited vacation budget, who would try as much as possible to economize my trip. It would be the standard economy class seat on a long-haul flight, or if available, I’d fly budget airlines for short-haul (less than four hours).

It’s pretty ridiculous if I must say, to disrupt a flight because some passengers are not happy with one another, more so about an issue that is really not an issue at all – that is, a long-legged flyer using a plastic device to prevent another passenger seated in front from reclining his/her seat.

So you can’t stretch your legs out – big deal – a hundred over innocent fellow fliers have to waste a couple of hours on an unnecessary detour so you can battle out this non-issue about reclining plane seats?? Seriously, will the cabin crew please duct tape this inconsiderate imbecile to his/her seat until we all reach our destination? (Or throw this jerk out of the airlock! See What Really Happens When You Get Blown Out of an Airlock)

Apparently and very shockingly, to many people, they prefer for airlines not to have reclining plane seats. (See Telegraph Travel’s article on Should Reclining Seats Be Banned?) I’m sure half the people who voted don’t even fly at all.

Have you ever taken a plane before? To have your back settled into an awkward near-90 degree angle for more than 6-7 hours is akin to torture. There’s also a reason why after a certain age, we run away screaming when someone suggests a long, painkiller-popping cross-country bus ride.

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