#43 Saturdays Are For Coffee + Hiking – Labrador Park

Saturday. Time for something that excites the taste buds, and yet something fun to do that can burn the calories directly off without keeping it in the system. Zero guilt, double the fun. Let’s go!

I wanted to create an itinerary where I’d start off by getting a coffee (to wake up and get a boost) and some dessert (to please my tummy), and then sweat it all out in a satisfying way. So in my search for a start-off fuelling point to grab my cuppa joe and sugary treat before hitting the road, I stumbled upon this café. Just minutes away from one of the starting points of the Mount Faber Trail, it was not only convenient for our coffee-and-hike mission, but also unique in its own way.

That’s how we began with gusto at at Old Habits (Block 38 Telok Blangah Rise) for our obligatory sugary top up of energy. The name of the game here is all things vintage… except their menu which is refreshingly contemporary.

Chock-a-block of old-school stuff

We ordered the signature dessert item which required us to be patient and wait for it to be freshly cooked. But fret not, the café is chocked full of strange knick-knacks and colourful curios – from vintage posters to decades-old Nintendo cartridges to phased-out old road signs plucked from the middle of nowhere to a plastic purple Grimace toy (those that came with a Happy Meal) next to the cash till, there are plenty of things to poke around at while you wait for your food to arrive. Continue reading