About Me

My name is Jade and I am born in Singapore. I’d say I’m now based in Singapore, with plans to move overseas soon enough. Blessed with a wonderful effectively-bilingual education since childhood, I speak and read both English and Chinese fluently. Years later, as I went away on study abroad I was struck by the wanderbug, marked by intense bouts of cabin fever and wanderlust that makes me want to pack up and go more than a couple times a year. To feed my voracious need to see and learn about the world, I started learning German when I was in university. Nearly 7 years have passed and I can only say I am on a somewhat conversational level. I am also learning French on the go – thanks to my French partner who reminds me everyday that as long as I don’t speak French we are not moving to France. Ce n’est pas facile! But I shall persevere. Learning languages is my way of calming the cabin fever down when I am not travelling. I am also a language hoarder – picking up random phrases here and there just for fun.

I would very much prefer to be on the go 24/7 but since my husband’s based here now – we are happy to go on short trips from here out, mostly in the South-east Asia region. Thank goodness for Singapore being a great regional travel hub and the wide range of budget airline flights going out from here to make travelling so much easier.

I enjoy obsessively planning itineraries and check out all sorts of travel guidebooks at the local library to make a well-informed decision. Since I don’t play favourites, from Rick Steves to Rough Guides, I read them all. I am happy to hear other people’s travel tales and provide some advice for places I have been. (Here’s my Tripadvisor profile.)


Me with pixie hairdo in Zugspitze, Germany: October 2012

Mont Boron in Nice, France: April 2011

One thing I really like – the moments of anticipation before a trip, no matter how big or small it is. Then, of course, the initial ‘Lost in Translation’ feeling when I just arrive at a foreign place.

If you like what you’re reading here, or if you want to send me a shout-out, feel free to email me at wanderbugjade@gmail.com.

(Apologies to those who have written to me earlier and I haven’t replied – ran into some kinks with the email but they’ve all been ironed out now!)

*   *   *

A bit of housekeeping here:

Creative Commons License
Chasing My Golden Hour by wanderbugjade is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

25 Things About Me

My travel style
I plan a general itinerary and leave the rest to fortuitous encounters. (That’s what I say; usually it’s planned to the minute! :p)
I like to sleep in different settings, people’s homes, hostels, riverside attap houses.
I am something between a flashpacker and a backpacker.
I bring lots of ziploc bags but never enough socks.
I love the window seat on the plane, but for long flights I would take the aisle seat 3 to 4 rows before or after the bathrooms. (For obvious reasons.)
I keep a travel journal – which explains why I often fail to blog – because in my mind I feel like I’ve already written about it.

My experiences

I live in Singapore for most of my life, where the sun shines for most of the year.
I despise the humidity, but can live with the sunshine.
I love sunrises, but never really wake up early enough to see many.
I stayed in Hong Kong for 5 months on study abroad. (Read about it here.)
I worked as an au pair in Germany for a whole year.
I finally saw snow…and hated it. But now, back in the tropics, I miss it badly.

Loves, Un-loves and Dreams

I love cool temperate weather, something between 12 – 18°C makes me very happy.
I love the great outdoors, where there are no buildings in sight.
I love cities too, on a different level. The noise, the colours, the rush. But please, not too much.
I am actively getting rid of my fear for large water bodies.
Strangely I’ve always dreamt of being able to surf, real waves on a beach that is.

On Languages

I am (more or less) effectively bilingual — English and Chinese.
I speak crummy Cantonese…well better than nothing. :p
I want to speak 5 languages by the time I’m 30. (Running behind schedule, I’m afraid!)
I am learning both French and German now.
I secretly wish I know Japanese.

On Food

I love sushi, paella, and Mexican-style rice and beans with guacamole at the side.
I can eat 2 – 3 times more than my usual appetite when I’m travelling. (A unique talent, my expandable stomach) ♥

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