Travel Thoughts

Travelling is glamorous, only in retrospect. – Paul Theroux

More often than not, we pore over friends’ photo albums, in print or on Facebook, and couldn’t help but feel green with envy for all the places that they’ve been to. How chic to be a jetsetting traveller! Yet I often wonder, do they truly appreciate the joy of travelling, or is it for the momentary glow of vanity, to be able to boast about yet another city conquered?

Travelling is truly a pleasure, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. I like to liken this experience with savouring a dessert, sure you can devour a devilishly sinful heap of macaroons at Ladurée on Champs Elysees on a cold December evening, or you can make do with a refreshingly cup of iced milk tea on a Taiwanese beach on a hot July afternoon. Nobody can say either one trumps the other; after all both experiences can really elicit a genuine grin of happiness on your face.

There are many sacrifices to be made to save up for a journey. After all, I have long given up on my love for shopping so I can put aside some cash for the most sacred material possession of all – a freshly printed air ticket at the airport. I’ve never regretted my lost affair with shopping malls in exchange with one with airports and railway stations. If you love to travel, you’ll know what I mean. Meanwhile, let’s look forward to the next journey! ♥

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