♦ Travel To-Do List! ♦

Some people would call this their “bucket list”. And most would strike the items out when they have completed them. Not me. Because I don’t want to rule out the possibility that I might do it again. I mean, if I had wanted to do it so much earlier, who is stopping me from doing it many times over?

1. Climb a volcano in Indonesia.
2. Grand Canyon.
3. Bergen. To visit the Norwegian fjords.
4. Iceland. Volcanoes, geysers, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge – all my loves in one place.

5. Barcelona. Experience la vida loca in this city of hotness.
6. Moscow. One more city and the Kremlin.
7. The Silk Route. Walk the route and wrap myself up in scarves so sand doesn’t permeate my skin in Dunhuang.

8. The Great Wall of China is an important thing to see, ok!
9. From Moscow to Beijing on the Orient Express.
10. The train enthusiast in me wants add one more: THE INDIAN PACIFIC. (Strange name, considering it’s actually in Australia.)
11. Cruise along the beautiful canals of Amsterdam.

12. Set sail to Krakatoa.
13. Go hiking in the Himalayas.
14. Eat an obscene amount of seafood in Hokkaido.

15. Stay in a monastery in Tibet. (Will pack the bedbug spray, Mom.)
16. Lie in a hammock and get dangerously close to being sunburnt in the Andaman Islands.
17. Stand in the middle of New York’s Times Square and marvel at the insane amount of bright lights and billboards. (And tourists.)
18. Northern Lights. (I know, I will be oohing and aahing.)

19. Tate Modern, London.
20. Angkor Wat. See where Angelina Jolie transformed into action heroine Lara Croft at Angkor Wat.
21. Roam the vast grasslands of Mongolia.
22. The Amazon. Cruise down the river… and hope I won’t be the last generation to witness the verdant beauty of this virgin rainforest.

23. MoMA, New York. See Claude Monet’s Water Lilies in person.
24. I love places with weird names: Skellig Michael.
25. Study abroad. (Read about my time in Hong Kong here.) 

26. Work, do a stint overseas.
27. Live in Paris for at least a year.
28. Eat haggis in Scotland.
29. Stuff myself silly with banana pancakes and pad thai from a hawker cart in Bangkok.

30. Sydney. Embrace that warm Australian hospitality. 
31. Waddle around with penguins on a tour in Antarctica.
32. Go wine-tasting in a vineyard. (Hunter Valley, Australia)
33. Bring my parents to the Provence region in France.

34. Go sand tobagganing. (And try not to eat any sand.)
35. Go to an American football match in the USA.
36. Go snowboarding.
37. Eat paella in Spain. (I LOVE PAELLA. Sorry, that was the stomach talking.)

38. Admire the watercolour-esque mountains in Guilin, China. (It’s like floating in a wuxia film.)
39. Go on a yoga retreat in Goa, India.
40. Haggle shamelessly in a Hong Kong street market, and go away with something cheap. (Alas, the lovely backpack fell apart after a few months.)
41. Hike the Appalachians.

42. Ride the Tokyo subway at rush hour.  (Ooh, the crush!)
43. Ride the Star Ferry and eat dimsum in Hong Kong.
44. Learn how to ride a horse. (Yee-haw!) Maybe in somewhere like Inner Mongolia.

45.  Have a girly week with my girlfriends in Rome. (And of course our euros will be stuffed inside our shoes.)

46. Learn how to shoot (anything) in a range in Texas.
47. Overnight in an igloo.
48. Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger in transit.
49. Eat at McDonalds with a spectacular sea view – that was at Kenting, Taiwan.

50. Go to a brewery.
51. Hike the Inca Trail and wander in Patagonia.

52. Climb Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia.
53: Go up Zugspitze on the German-Swiss border, in Germany.

54. Hike in the Interlaken region in Switzerland.
55. Go skiing, okay at least get inside some skis and slide down a snow slope. 

56. Marrakesh. Souks, dye pots and a sunset dipped in gold.
57. Borobodur. Visit the famed temple complex in Indonesia.

58. Travel from Hanoi in the north to Ho Chi Minh City in the south (or the other way round) in Vietnam.

Okay, I will think of more and add them here. Meanwhile,let’s get cracking. Yes, you too.  ♥♥

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