Opening note to fellow wanderbugs!

To venture causes anxiety. Not to venture is to lose oneself. – Kierkegaard

This is one of my all-time favourite quotes. Indeed travelling is easily one of the greatest joys and desires in life, apart from enjoying great food of course. I cannot imagine what I’d have become if I were not able to explore this world on my own feet. Travelling comes at a price, and it is definitely not easy to travel to many places simply because they are too far and unaffordable beyond my means at this point in time. Fret not, because I know one day I’ll get there. Travelling is an art that must be enjoyed…as I have realized by now after some amateur journeys under my belt.

The reason for starting to write this travel blog — so long after I’ve already returned from my travels — is that I want to preserve the memories of my wonderful, amazing travel experiences and make some notes in case I decide to revisit these places once again. As for you, my accidental reader of this blog, enjoy and laugh at my misadventures and maybe you can pick up a few tips here and there from my series of (un)fortunate journeys.

Everyone’s travelling style is different. Some people love to plan the details down to the finest, tiniest details. Some go with the flow and wing it. Some just tag along with whoever’s leading and do whatever’s convenient. Let’s just say I’m somewhere in between.

I start out with great ambitions and even nobler intentions. I borrow books from the library, pore over Google maps or old maps passed on to me by other travellers, highlight some interesting landmarks and attractions, learn about the place’s culture, currency and climate, draft up a sketchy budget that I won’t actually stick to and pack my bags for yet another exciting journey ahead of me. But as soon as I reach the destination, I enjoy poking around the little crooks and crannies, take a little path down the unknown, make instant changes to original plans because of on-location circumstances (be it inclement weather or spur-of-the-moment impulsion to check a random place out) and just basically deviate from the initial plans. And that’s perfectly fine!

Every travel experience is like a thumbprint; no two can be duplicated, and every one of them is unique in their very own ways. Two different travellers can visit the same city, look at the same attractions, explore the same local “not-so-secret-anymore” hangouts, use the same transport, read the same Lonely Planet guidebook, and yet have completely distinctive experiences and adventures! You don’t have to see the “standard” tourist attractions if you don’t feel like it, or do the “usual” if you, like me, pride yourself on being a little quirky and individualistic. Strike out a new path, do something wild (but keep in mind personal safety of course!) and interesting, and you don’t have to regret missing out on a few crucial places just because they don’t fit into your schedule. You can always come back again, but right now, you left the city with a unique set of foot trails and bring home a fresh set of wanderbug memories.

I hope you enjoy my travel stories and misadventures in this blog…and may the wanderbug always be with you! :)