#47 It’s A New Year, Let’s Konmari With A Vengeance

Journal of my Konmari-ing process – Ground Zero

[I want to own less things.]

I did not want to read this book. I did not want to believe that I needed help – like millions out there, I guess – to do something so simple. Throwing away something useless should be basic common sense, right? (Despite many ‘studies’ saying that not everyone possess common sense) Either I lack that sense, or I have a serious case of denial, or unhealthy attachment to useless things. I hated this sweet-looking ageless Japanese woman for pinning a victimful non-crime on nearly everyone’s back. What if I like living in a house full of sentimental yet useless knickknacks and curios that will never make it to an oddball museum one day? What if I have a burning desire one day to be buried in a King Tut-inspired pyramid together with my stacks of phone bills, shapeless T-shirts, sleek barely-worn somewhat-new jeans, boxes full of cutesy gag gifts received year after year from Christmases, birthdays and weddings, plus greeting cards, letters, high school memorabilia… like a 21st-century princess?

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