Travel Tips

I always ask myself the same few questions whenever I travel. I’m sure every other traveller would have similar questions in his/her mind during the trip planning process. So I am just going to compile them here, for the convenience of myself and like-minded wanderbugs.
Which side of the plane should I sit on so that the sun would not be shining in the window from my side? (Assuming you are sitting on the extreme sides of the plane and not in the middle column)
Generally speaking, it would be the right side westbound and left side eastbound.
What are some things to carry on a flight to make my journey more pleasant?
For me, I carry a lot more than what most people would like to, but here’s the “bare minimum”:
– Travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste (not all airlines provide them)
– Moisturizer (for the face and hands especially)
– Lip balm
– Eye drops
– Facial wash + towel (if you plan to sleep/the flight is more than a few hours/you have greasy skin/you wear makeup)
— Make sure all the above liquids are kept in containers below 100ml and fit in the prescribed ziplock bag —
– Neck pillow
– Wrap/sweater
– Lounge socks (the scratchy ones provided by the airlines just don’t cut it)
– Entertainment device (book, mp3 player, PSP, pick your poison)
– Noise-cancelling headphones (OPTIONAL — only if you are noise sensitive)
– Eye mask + ear plugs (if you plan to sleep)
– Candies
– A change of comfy clothes (if you board in say, business wear or jeans)
– Antibacterial wipes
– Granola/chocolate bar (in case the food isn’t up to your fancy/ if you’re on a short flight on a budget airline)
– Water bottle (Usually you can fill it up after passing security. Now, you can keep hydrated whenever you want.)

Should I bring the foreign currency from home or change it at the destination?
I don’t like to carry wads of cash with me, but neither do I feel safe arriving in a new place without enough cash to pay for at least one night’s accommodation, a basic set of clothes and some food. (You never know what might happen.) So, bring just enough that makes you feel comfortable, and withdraw the rest from an automated cash machine (ATM) with your Mastercard (or Maestro or Cirrus) card.
(I might be wrong but I’d like to think it’s not worth it to exchange much more than you will spend on your first week of travelling because more often than not, your home currency will appreciate before you run our of cash and you can get some more cash then.)


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