Pack Lists

“He who would travel happily must travel light.” – Antoine de Saint Exupéry

I truly enjoy reading travel articles written about people’s experiences, anything from pure fun to sheer horror, their advice (and hope that one day I will get to apply it) and sometimes angry comments about places that disappoint. It’s good to know that travelling is not a bed of roses all the time, and that, in a way, is what makes it all so intriguing and keeps people going back for more. A good addiction it is, I must say.

One vital, cardinal rule every seasoned traveller swear by is: PACK LIGHT!!

Tough choices we have to make! This is when my obsession to know what other travellers pack in their temporary ‘homes on their backs’ begin. It feels comforting to know that many people left their worldly possessions at home to conquer the world and beyond.

My must-haves?
Passport (with a cover to be secretive) — only if I’m crossing borders
Journal and pen — always
Sunscreen — when I’m heading anywhere with sunlight
Jacket — trusty when it gets cold, when it rains
Digital Camera — for those lightweight souvenirs that don’t cost a cent

Here I’ve compiled some interesting packing lists that you can peruse to get an idea of what people bring in their backpacks.

The Minimalist Packers
Miss Minimalist’s ‘What’s In My Suitcase’ (great tips, especially for ladies!)
Nomadic Matt’s What To Pack List

The Prepared Packers
Less than A Shoestring
Women On The Road

Packing Tips!
Travel Essentials That Will Help You Save $$$

Things I Could Use On My Next Trip:

Aloksak Bags (If you want to buy from Amazon)

Clothes from Icebreaker and Ex Officio

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